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The video every Ukrainian should watch – export potential

Yes, we found it. This is one of things every Ukrainian should remember when feeling discouraged and disappointed with country’s government.

Ministry of Agrarian Policy presented a video about agricultural sector of Ukraine’s industry and export potential. And it says that Ukraine is far from that useless thing we use to imagine.

We at LifeInUA watched it and are ready to strive for better future. By the way, it has amazing music in ethnical style.

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Here are few things you’d learn from this video.

  • 70% of Ukrainian territory is agricultural sector with fertile soil.
  • Ukraine is top country when it comes to exporting sunflower oil.
  • We have second place when it comes to grain export (grain yield increased by 70% over the last decade).
  • The country scores third place in global corn export.
  • Ukraine is included in the list of top 10 egg producers in the world.
  • Poultry of Ukrainian production is imported by 70 countries which makes us Europe’s third and world’s seventh exporter.
  • The country takes 6th place in export of wheat flour.
  • Ukrainian honey must be the sweetest. Our country is 1st producer of this good in Europe and 3rd in world. Over the last decade export of honey grew by almost 10 times.
  • Among one hundred country’s largest companies quarter are agricultural.
  • 235 Ukrainian companies export their goods to European Union.
  • Goods produced in our country are imported by 190 states.
  • Almost half of European transport corridors run through Ukraine.
  • Agricultural sector earns each third dollar in export.

Find these and other facts in nice video below.

Source: Forbes Ukraine in Facebook, video – youtube channel of Ministry of Agrarian Policy

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