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Ukrainian doctors surprised with decision to feed Savchenko with broth

March 6, 2015

On 82nd day of hunger strike Savchenko agreed to drink chicken broth

Ukrainian doctors surprised with decision to feed Savchenko with broth

This happened when Russian doctors declared her critical state and offered her hospitalization.

The medical community discussed decision to help Savchenko out of hunger strike with chicken broth.

This decision contradicts to the international medical experience. There are several ways to help out of starvation and they do not include animal food, the menu should include juices, vegetables and apples.

In addition, person should be under intense care not in prison so that her health can be monitored.

Deputy Head doctor of state hospital ‘Feofania’ Andriy Strokan explains that the composition of the alleged broth is unknown as well as its percentage of fat. Helping person out of starvation should be done in different way. This is done in intensive care using tinctures. Doctors get blood analysis to determine level of potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous and then correct it.

The doctors underline that way out of starvation should be as long the period of hunger. For Savchenko cessation of hunger strike is the only way to live to the next court meeting.


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