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Ukrainian churches support people in hard times

October 14, 2014

Times of Upheaval and Ukrainian churches

Ukrainian churches

priests blesssed servicemen


religion on the side of terrorism

Article 35 of Constitution of Ukraine states that ‘No religion should be recognized by state as mandatory’. People in Ukraine have different faiths, but during the hard times they unite under one goal. People of different faiths and priests of different denomination united during Maidan Revolution of Dignity.

Later, when the war in the East had begun Ukrainian churches gave a lot of help to Ukrainian Armed Forces: they collected money, helped to the families of servicemen, sent chaplains to the front line, blessed soldiers before they went to the front line and organized burials of the fallen defenders of the Motherland.

In occupied territories of Ukraine the situation is quite opposite. Churches no longer serve to good blessing war and killing of thousands of people for the ambitions of the Kremlin.


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