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Ukrainian Art Community Helps Families of ATO Military


The founders of Serhiy Zhadan’s charity believe that “those who have suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine should feel that they’re not alone and that they will always be an essential part of our society”.


The recently established charitable fund of Serhiy Zhadan has collected the first 100 thousand hryvnias. The money is being transferred to several families of the killed Ukrainian military, including those from the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.


“Men who died at a time when volunteer battalions did not have the official status in the Defense and Interior, were not given the veteran status and, accordingly, their families do not receive the state aid … which is illogical and unfair”, says the chairman of the Foundation, Iryna Kunitsyna, “Now we are thinking how to help them best. “

Someone needs financial help, others ask the Foundation to buy some specific things such as a washing machine, or help with renting apartments, said Serhiy Zhadan.

“I want to remind you about another thing, sometimes families who lost their father in the war need household help and support, rather than money. If you have such a neighbor or a colleague, ask them what they need, what you can do to help”, advises the writer.

In Kharkiv the money was collected through a charity rock concert, which took place on February 17 and featured performances by such musicians as “Zhadan and the Dogs” («Жадан і собаки»), “Shana” («Шана»), “Kurzu Street” («Вул. Курзу»), Oleg Kadanov (Олег Каданов), “P@p@ Carlo & Boris Sevastyanov (“«П@п@ Карло & Борис Севастьянов»). All the musicians played without fee.

“It’s great when you can combine a rock concert and charity. To help and to use music to remind people about things that are important right now”, says the co-organizer of the concert Vassyl Ryabko.

In Kiev, the charity event was the presentation of audio books of poems by Serhiy Zhadan “Knights Templar.”

The participants were Taras Chubay, Ostap Stupka, Fozzy (Alexander Sidorenko), Kasha Saltsova, Angelica Rudnytska, Ivan Leno, Dmitri Yaroshenko and Jaroslav Lodygin. All of them are volunteers, directly involved in educational and charitable projects in the East.

“I want to remind you that the task of our foundation is not just to collect money and buy something, but to make people in the east feel needed and see themselves as an integral part of Ukraine”, says Serhiy Zhadan.


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Concert Photography by Oleksand Osipov

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