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Ukrainian armed forces adhere to the truce, enemy continue to attack and provoke

 September 15, 2014

Ceasefire: Ukrainian armed forces repel attack and give rebuff to terrorists

Ukrainian armed forces adhere to the truce, enemy continue to attack and provoke

Spokesperson for Information and Analytical centre of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

In course of implementation of peace plan of the President of Ukraine sub-units of Ukrainian armed forces and law enforcement agencies continue to adhere to the ceasefire regime. During the last day 73 more Ukrainian captured soldiers were released from terrorists.

Shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces by terrorists remains intense. During the last day terrorists shelled positions and checkpoints of the forces of the anti-terrorist operation in the areas of 10 settlement in Donetsk oblast [including Donetsk airport] and in the area of 3 settlements in Luhansk oblast.

Russian mercenaries attack Ukrainian forces trying to provoke them and make them retreat from occupied positions. According to the commandment of anti-terrorist operation the situation is under control and Ukrainian militants give fitting rebuff to the aggressor.

On September 13 in course of battle near Donetsk airport Ukrainian militants destroyed 12 fighters and 2 tanks of the enemy. One more tank was seized.

Yesterday the ATO forces repelled the attack of terrorists near the settlement of Yasynuvata in Donetsk oblast and made the enemy retreat a few kilometers away. The fighters were operating under the cover of artillery and ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems.

Yesterday at 04.30 pm 7 tankers accompanied by 2 vans crossed Ukrainian-Russian border and returned to Russian territory.

According to last reports, there were no hostilities at the border during the last day. The facts of violation of Ukrainian air space were not registered.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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