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Ukraine turned out not ready for serious confrontation with Russia. What did people respond with?

November 14, 2014

Opinion: Why do Ukrainians risk losing their motherland

Ukraine turned out not ready for serious confrontation with Russia. What did people respond with?

Here is an opinion from Eugene Magda, candidate of Political Sciences, Director of the Center for public Relations.

Until new government does not begin to explain to millions o Ukrainians what is going on its resemblance to government of Yanukovych is dangerous.

Ukraine pays for poor judgment and careless performance of their duties by the vast majority of people who proudly call themselves ‘national elite’. The quotes in this case are appropriate because and bizarre combination of former directors and newcomers has turned out to be able to lead Ukrainian ship exclusively in complete calm. They received advice and receipts but preferred to concentrate on ensuring their well-being. Today there are changes on the top of political Olympus new parliamentarians have come, it will soon be six months since we have elected new president that is why we have to pay attention to some peculiarities.

Ukraine showed itself not ready for serious confrontation with Russia. Ostrich tactics of Yanukovych’s [previous president of Ukraine] team, which also received sound advice, turned the forth president into resident of Rostov [Russia] and the biggest country in Europe into the object of aggression from its guarantor of our sovereignty. Do you thin this is an oxymoron? It probably is, but Ukraine itself will have to find a way out of this problem in situation when the rules of propriety in relation with Ukraine are determined by the bearer of resounding nickname from Kharkiv football fans [editor: Huilo – dickhead] with fair passivity of EU and USA. Western countries undoubtedly help Ukraine, but they do not hide using our country as ‘straw goby’ for ‘Russian bear’. New Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] is doomed to become penal battalion for Ukrainian elite compensating its mistakes of their predecessors.

 Ukraine turned out not ready for serious confrontation with Russia. What did people respond with? Courage vs waves of panic from homegrown specialists in social networks.

What do Ukrainian people respond with? On the one side there is courage of servicemen and selflessness of volunteers whose number turned out to be surprisingly big and pleasant for one of the poorest European countries. On the other side we have waves of panic and intoxicating narcissism of homegrown specialists in social networks. It look like when the peace time comes we’ll have to certify experts in various fields, for there have become more ‘experts’ in international relations and military affairs that those who are knowledgeable in football.

Our state risks becoming a victim of general superficial knowledge in fields of human activity which require experience and information to be analyzed. We noticeably have short supply of this.


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