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Ukraine needs change agents to carry out reforms

December 1, 2014

Change agents – necessary people for reformation of our country

Ukraine needs change agents to carry out reforms

Change agents are necessary people for reformation of our country. People with international experience, education of European model can do it best of all.

Such ideas were expressed at press briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Center by Idyna Ozymor, head of project ‘Western education as a tool of Europeanization of Ukraine’ an Kateryna Zarembo, expert of the project.

The project aims at finding out whether education obtained abroad promotes qualitive changes in the state.

In the framework of the project, for the first time in Ukraine there has been conducted a survey of Ukrainian graduates of global foreign universities which have returned to Ukraine. Together with experts and generator there have been developed recommendations on effective capitalization of knowledge, skills and experience of candidates for the government team.

The project has been implemented with support of the International Visegard Fund.

Organizers of the project took into consideration the experience of Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Visegrad Four countries, Lithuania. Georgian economist Kaha Bendukidze is an advisor and ideologist of the project.

Iryna Ozymok mentioned that the initiative group had developed recommendations for the candidates that would be submitted to the government of Ukraine. The experts underlined the need to reduce the administrative apparatus. However, analysis of functionality o department should be taken into account. The issue of competitive salary for potential specialists with experience remains an important one. In this case the experience of Georgia is a good example. There they had established special ‘Donor Fund’ to attract means for implementation of reforms in the country.


Previously we reported that heads of joint center of Ukrainian and Russian side had gone to Donetsk airport this morning.


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