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11 fantastic facts about Ukraine. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world

11 fantastic facts about Ukraine. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world


Ukraine got its independence only 24 years ago. Many Ukrainians have accustomed themselves to the thought that such a young state couldn’t have achieved many things. However, history of our people starts many ages ago and we have things to be proud of.

There are many areas where Ukraine is first in the world, be it invention, scientific, lawmaking or educational achievement.

This article aims to undermine complex of inferiority and prove that Ukrainians also made changes to the world history.


Photography of atom

Photography of atom. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world

Scientists of the Kharkiv Institute made a sensational discovery. They made a picture of the atom. The first detailed images of atoms showing different types of clouds of electrons surrounding carbon atoms.

Researchers used an electron microscope that captures the radiation field. Physicists consistently placed ten carbon atoms in a vacuum chamber and passed through them an electric discharge in 425 volts. Radiation from the last atom in the chain on the phosphorus screen allowed us to obtain images of the cloud of electrons around the nucleus.


Translation of books about Harry Potter

Translation of books about Harry Potter

Last novel about the wizard boy was translated into Ukrainian earlier that in any other language.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is the seventh and final novel of the series of the “boy who survived.” This novel was published on July 21, 2007 in London.

Translation of books about Harry Potter

Ukrainian edition of the seventh novel about Harry Potter

The novel was translated into Ukrainian by Victor Morozov on September 25, 2007. Publishing house “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA” was the first to publish a book – before all other translated versions.


Export of sunflower oil

Export of sunflower oil. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world

Over the last ten years Ukraine is a leader in the export of oil. Ukrainian sunflower oil is supplied to 109 countries. Ukrainian production is 60% of world exports.

For example, last year Ukraine exported more than 4.3 million tons. Russia took second place – 3 million tons of oil.


The deepest metro station in the world

The deepest metro station in the world

Subway Station “Arsenal” in Kiev is the deepest in the world.

The station was built at the depth of 105 meters. The station had to be built so deeply due to difficult terrain near the Dnieper River.

There are only three metro stations in the world, constructed at a depth of over one hundred meters:

  1. Subway Station “Arsenal” in Kiev – 105 meters;
  2. Subway Station “Admiralty” in St. Petersburg – 103 meters;
  3. Subway Station “Puhunh” in the capital of North Korea Pyongyang – 100 meters.


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The first Constitution

The first Constitution. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world

The world’s first modern constitution was written by Ukrainian Pylyp Orlyk in 1710.

On the day of his election to the post of Hetman, he introduced to the Cossack soviet “Pact and Constitution of the rights and liberties of the troops of Zaporizhzhya”.

Pylyp Orlyk

This document was the agreement between the newly elected Hetman, Cossacks and all the Ukrainian people.


Kerosene lamp

Kerosene lamp

A lamp that runs on kerosene was created by Lviv pharmacist.

Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Jan Zeh in 1853 created the first kerosene lamp in the pharmacy “Under a gold star.” Simultaneously with the lamp there was invented a new way to get kerosene by distillation and purification of oil.


The longest musical instrument

The longest musical instrument

Ukrainian wind instrument “Trembita” is the longest musical wind instrument in the world.

The length of the tool reaches three meters. Wooden, corneous or metal mouthpiece is inserted in the narrow end of trembita. The height of the sound row depends on the size of the instrument.

Trembita is a common instrument in the eastern Ukrainian Carpathians, including the Hutsul region.


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Aircraft AN 255 Mriya. Areas where Ukraine is first in the world

Ukrainian design bureau Antonov developed the plain AN-225 “Mriya” which has the world’s largest capacity.

Originally it was designed for transporting spacecrafts. Currently, “Mriya” takes commercial loads.

For better understanding of the size of the plan, here is the comparison.

AN-225 'Mriya' size comparison


Production of honey

Production of honey

Ukraine ranks the first place in Europe and the fifth place in the world for the production of honey. In the world ranking Ukraine is ahead of China, India, Argentina and the USA.

In January 2014 the number of bee colonies in Ukraine amounted almost 3 million.


Fisrt University in Eastern Europe

Fisrt University in Eastern Europe

“Ostroh Academy” is the first institution of higher education in Eastern Europe.

It is the oldest Ukrainian scientific-educational institution which was founded in 1576 by Prince Vasil-Constantine Ostrog.


Launch of the first balloon

Launch of the first balloon

The world’s first balloon with automatic burner was in Lviv launched.

Automatic burner for liquid fuel to heat the air in the balloon was launched in 1784.

It happened around nine months after the Montgolfier brothers’ bullet. The difference is that these brothers used the ordinary straw as a fuel.



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