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‘ Ukraine is doing everything possible for an objective investigation as to the reasons of the catastrophe’, – Andriy Lysenko

August 1, 2014

The first group of Dutch and Australian experts arrived at the crash site of the Malaysian airplane in Donetsk oblast and started working in the zone of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash. – NSDC

' Ukraine is doing everything possible for an objective investigation as to the reasons of the catastrophe', - Andriy Lysenko

‘Ukraine is doing everything possible for an objective investigation as to the reasons of the catastrophe,” – stated Andriy Lysenko, spokesman of the NSDC Information Center, during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center on July 31, 2014.

The NSDC spokesman noted that a planned campaigned aimed to discredit the current stage of partial mobilization had been detected. In various regions they documented a mass of calls, public protests, which follow the same pattern. This campaign was coordinated from Russia, the immediate executors were provocateurs, who had been identified at various pro-Russian protests. These people were trying to speculate on the feelings of the parents and wives of the servicemen located in the ATO zone, as well as those who would be mobilized.

“We are asking the citizens to be vigilant, not to become an object of speculation’ – Lysenko underlined. – ‘ Now, when ATO forces are demonstrating significant success due to their professionalism, courage and heroism of our servicemen, the enemy is trying to destabilize the situation at any cost, in order to slow down their advance’.

NSDC spokesman emphasized that at the moment ‘all necessary means are being employed’ in order to lend support to our divisions, which heroically defended the borderline regions. Personnel rotation is in process. ‘We understand the worries of the people, but we are asking them to be reasonable”, – he underlined.

Yesterday the Russian special services made yet another informational attack: rumors were spread about the so-called forcible conscription to the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The informational provocation was organized following a typical pattern.

First: fake users on social media spread lies about people being arrested in the streets.

Then: they artificially raised the rating of the untrue message that the young men of service age are being taken by policemen and soldiers right in the streets, in trains or buses, and immediately sent to the ATO zone.

Later: this message was used by media through a number of sellout propagandist journalists. This way they created the virtual illusion of truth.

Just within half an hour, over 150 civilians escaped the territories under terrorist control through the “green corridor” organized by ATO divisions. The people are unwilling to live where there is no law and order.

“The refugees themselves are saying that the occupants are preventing the people from leaving, forcing them to become a “live shield” or work on construction sites of defense points. The refugees have their property, documents and money taken away”, – added Andriy Lysenko.


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