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In Ukraine there increases percentage of people that support abolition of truce and renewal of war to complete victory

November 26, 2014

Poll: more Ukrainians support abolition of truce in Donbas

In Ukraine there increases percentage of people that support abolition of truce and renewal of war to complete victory

According to results of the last poll opinions have divided in the following way:

  • 36% believe that truce should be canceled and anti-terrorist operation restored until complete restoration of Ukrainian government in all Donbas
  • 21% supports giving broader economic and humanitarian authorities to the region
  • 17% of respondents support giving autonomy to the occupied territories, they want the territories to obtain federal status while remaining part of Ukraine
  • 9% of respondents are for separation of Donbas from Ukraine
  • 17% have not decided yet.

These results compared to the survey held in October show that more percentage of Ukrainian people support abolition of truce and completion of anti-terrorist operation (from 22 to 36%) and correspondingly there has reduced number of respondent indeterminate on the subject (from 27 to 17%). Cessation of truce and completion of ATO gains the highest support in Western Ukraine, correspondingly Eastern Ukraine is more for separation of territories.

43 % of respondents are positive about singing of truce with the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics], 44% treat this issue negatively. 13% have not decided yet. If compared to results obtained in October, number of supporters of signing the truce has reduced from 53 to 43% of respondents, the number of its opponent has correspondingly increased from 33 to 44%.

Meanwhile, the largest part of respondents does not support the idea of separation of territories controlled by terrorist organizations DNR and LNR from Ukraine – 71%. Every fifth respondent support the idea of separation, every tenth haven’t decided yet.

The vast majority believes that Ukraine should remain a unitary state – 74%, 15 % support federalization, 11% are undecided.

2 000 people participated in the poll. The audience: Ukrainian citizens of 18 years and older. The sample is representative by age, sex, regions ad type of settlement. The inaccuracy of poll is no more than 2.8%. The survey was conducted in the form of personal formal interviews (face-to-face)


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