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‘Ukraine fatigued’ European diplomats offered to spend vacation in Donetsk airport

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry gave the response to the statement of Radio Freedom correspondent about some European diplomats

European diplomats

Diplomats experiencing Ukraine fatigue have been offered to spend vacations Donetsk airport.

Head of the Political Department of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleksiy Makeev wrote this in his twitter.

‘Rikard Jozviak all those fatigued EU diplomats R invited 2 spend next vacations in Donetsk airport where our boys fight 4 EU values & freedom’, – he wrote.

This post was response to Brussels correspondent of Radio Freedom Rikard Jozviak about Ukraine fatigue that many European Deputies today experience.

For those who are not too much fatigued we offer to take a look at Donetsk airport and Ukrainian servicemen, who, according to Mr. Makeev, ‘fight for European values and freedom’.

The video down below displays current situation in the airport. It has been published on December 14. One of Ukrainian servicemen holds some king of excursion around the location. When giving reasons for making this video, the militant jokes that this is a proof for his family, to ensure that he has gone to Donetsk airport, not to see his lover.


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