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Ukraine-EU summit started in Kiev

Ukraine-EU summit started in Kiev

The 17th European Union and Ukraine summit began in Kiev.

Press service of president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informs this.

Currently Ukrainian President meets with European Council president Donald Tusk and President of European Commission Jean-Claude Junker in ‘tete-a-tete’ format.

At 04.15 a joint press conference of the three officials is to take place.

Ukraine-EU summit started in Kiev

Official representative of European Union previously informed that summit would be focused on conducting reforms in Ukraine. In particular, they will discuss constitution reform, decentralization, fight against corruption, court system, restructuring of energetic sector and improvement of business climate.

Official will also discuss issue of sending of EU peacekeeping mission to Donbas.

In addition, this summit is to become ‘the clear signal of EU solidarity with Ukraine’.

Summit meeting of EU and Ukraine are held in accordance with art. 7 of the Agreement on Partnership between Ukraine and European Union. According to this article both sides have consultations on the highest level in case of necessity.

President of Ukraine, president of European Council and President of European Commission participate in meetings.

Such summits give the sides possibility to sum up results of cooperation between Ukraine and EU, determine priorities for the future, discuss situation in Ukraine and in European Union and agree on position concerning important international issues.

Ukraine-EU summit started in Kiev



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