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Ukraine didn’t participate in processing of the 15th Russian convoy

February 20, 2015

The 15 Russian humanitarian convoy crossed Ukrainian border without examination and processing by border guards and customs officers.

Ukraine didn’t participate in processing of the 15th Russian convoy

Yesterday the 15th Russian humanitarian convoy violated international norms by illegally entering Ukrainian territory in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

Ukrainian side doesn’t have data about content of humanitarian trucks because it didn’t examine them.

On February 20, 2015 the self-proclaimed organization Luhansk People’s Republic informed about arrival of another so-called humanitarian aid from Russian Federation.

According to them, 15 trucks brought 100 tons of humanitarian loads for residents of Debaltsevo and other settlements.

Previously Russian Federation informed about sending of the next column of ‘Humanitarian aid’ which consists of more than 30 trucks. The vehicles are supposed to carry more than 100 tons of load.


Since summer 2014 Russian Federation started sending so-called humanitarian convoys to eastern Ukraine. The columns of trucks with unknown content crossed Ukrainian border without examination by Ukraine’s custom service. Humanitarian convoys were not accompanied by representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross.

National Security and Defense Council declares that all convoys serve as coverage for support of terrorists. Trucks mostly bring ammunition, dry rations and weapons to Ukraine.


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