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Milestones of the week in Ukraine: defense potential and fight against corruption

Ukraine: defense potential and fight against corruption

Here is an article most important political events in Ukraine written by UNIAN journalist Eugene Magda.

President believes that Ukraine will be able to repel attack if the ceasefire is violated. The Prime Minister demonstrates readiness to fight against corruption and finance defense industrial complex and social payments. Ministers who have recently become Ukrainian citizens actively enter the proscenium of work of the government. The Party of Regions has finally been thrown to the margins of political process.


Poroshenko: Ukraine is ready to repulse

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that Ukraine will be able to repulse aggressors.

As it is expected in the conditions of an undeclared war, the government uses the temporary truce to increase military potential. The president expressed confidence that Ukraine will be able to repulse aggressors in case the ceasefire is violated.

Today it is clear to everyone that a temporary inactivity has been established in Donbas. It should be used to increase one’s military potential.


Deoligarchization and fight against corruption

Another direction about which Ukrainian government speaks a lot and with noticeable enthusiasm is necessity to get rid of oligarchs. It remains to observe if their talks transform into real actions.

The Prime Minister Yatseniuk decided to launch an offensive against corruption not only due to importance of this enemy of Ukrainian state and extent of its penetration into the state apparatus but also after accusations of usage of schemes of former president Yanukovish which sounded in his address.

According to the journalist, Yatseniuk uses the method which firefighters call ‘counter fire’: he increases salaries for investigators who investigate corruption cases and expresses readiness to name those who are responsible for abuses from the parliamentary rostrum. It is possible that due to the planned attack at government the parliamentary rostrum will be blocked. The journalist mocks that it will be done for the most pure and good intentions.

Ukraine: defense potential and fight against corruption

Foreign ministers manifest themselves

Meanwhile ministers from Georgia actively manifest themselves in strategic directions of work of the executive power. Alexander Kvitashvili fired all heads of departments of Ministry of Health which gives reasons to hope for reform of health care.

Natalia Yaresko continues conducting talks on restructuring of external debt on which the speed and quality of reviving of Ukrainian economy in the nearest future depends.

Ayvaras Abromavichus on one hand opposed the re-privatization which can scare off investors, on the other hand he insists on selling of all state owned enterprises which don’t have strategic importance.


Local elections regardless of ATO

President Poroshenko made an important statement. Local elections in Ukraine will be held regardless of anti-terrorist operation. This is quite clear signal for all who is going to write an electoral law for local councils.

However, the journalist underlines that we shouldn’t forget that we’ve never had open list elections promised by Ministry of Justice. Such elections require serious preparation of members of electoral committees and electors. It look like we shall face a difficult struggle around rules of the local election compounded by the mosaic nature of government.

Ukraine: defense potential and fight against corruption

Opposition prepares for local elections

Meanwhile the political force claiming the status of the only oppositions is preparing for local elections. This is indicated by ‘Oppositions bloc’ creating the shaded government. This government is led by Boris Kolesnikov. He became the last of Mohicans who abandoned the ship of Party of Regions which was sent to the bottom because of being useless. However, the oppositions continue leading their policy in the same way they did when they were the Party of Regions.


However, the journalist says, it is not always necessary to declare about going into opposition to become an oppositionist. For example, Julia Tymoshenko criticizes the government without leaving ‘European Ukraine’ coalition. She blames the government for unreasonable increase of utility tariffs (theme without risk of loss) and demands liquidation of ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’.

It looks like along with hybrid war a hybrid coalition has appeared in Ukraine. It beats it own members with such an energy that the opposition is afraid to raise its head.

Source: Eugene Magda

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