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Ukraine calls on Russian for real negotiations in the ‘Geneva format’, – Yatseniuk

November 18, 2014

Ukraine is ready for negotiations with Russia concerning de-escalation of situation in the Donbas

Ukraine calls on Russian for real negotiations in the ‘Geneva format’, - Yatseniuk

Prime Minister Yatseniuk has said this today during press conference with Norway Prime Minister Erno Solberg in Kyiv.

‘We call on Russian for real negotiation and we believe that the best format for these negotiations if the ‘Geneva format’: with participation of USA, EU, Ukraine and our neighbor RF [Russian Federation]’

Yatseniuk mentions that Ukraine seeks peace. Meanwhile Russia continues escalation of the conflict and increases its military presence in Eastern Ukraine.

‘It all depends on Russian President and first of all on his environment, if he has enough political will to stop this war against Ukraine, comply with international law and not to violate UN Charter we are ready to continue [negotiation]’,- he said reminding that Ukraine had already heard enough of promises.


We remind that on September 20, 2014 Minsk memorandum was signed after the meeting of trilateral contact group to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. Previously, on September 5, ceasefire agreement had been reached. The memorandum consists of 9 points which contain prohibition to use any kind of weapon and conduct offense activity.

According to the memorandum, the opposing sides oblige to withdraw its heavy military equipment at a distance of 15 km from the conventional front line. Observation mission of Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe is to work along this line.

However, fighters and Russian militants continue to shell civilians and positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the East of the country.

As of November 18, according to the data from ‘Information Resistance’ group, the number of violations of the ceasefire regime by Russian-terrorist troops exceeds 3 000.


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