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Balance between war and peace in Donbas and EU is one milestone closer to Ukraine

Balance between war and peace in Donbas and EU is one milestone closer to Ukraine

Upcoming holidays of politicians in the Old and New World force to seek new ways to resolve conflict in Donbas.

Latest PACE session can be called successful for Ukraine. NATO as well continues its line of support for Ukraine in this conflict with Russia.

Here is opinion of political scientist, Unian journalist Eugene Magda.

Balance in Donbas and European support

Situation in Donbas keeps balancing between war and peace. Constant provocations of fighters obviously don’t surprise anyone, as well as Russia’s desire to return occupied territories to Ukraine at any cost on their own terms.

For this the Kremlin let Victor Yanukovych enter the information field for some time and on air of BBC he carefully repeated messages of Russian commanders concerning perspectives of regulation of Donbas situation and return of Crimea.

Eugene Magda says it is no reason be surprised that meeting of contact group in Minsk has given no result, and summit of Foreign Minister of the ‘Norman Four’ in Paris ended without significant results.

New OSCE representative Martin Sajdik debuted in Minsk, Belarus – this Austrian diplomat substituted his Swiss colleague Heidi Tagliavini. Foreign Affairs Ministers also agreed to negotiate.

Information EU putting pressure on Ukraine achieve unilateral implementation Minsk agreements (regarding elections on the occupied territories) has not been confirmed.

The journalist underlines that EU is concerned with situation, and Ukraine is member of international community which is easy to put pressure on when the state looks the most weak in all years of Independence. The best response for the official Kyiv is sensible policy in Donbas and reforms without delay.

Bad Russian performance on the international arena while Ukraine gets more support

Barack Obaman and Vladimir Putin discussed situation in Donbas in telephone regime.  Conversation looks pretty spicy after accusations against US declared by Russian president and Secretary of Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. They say that it was US that destabilized situation in Donbas for its own interests. If we follow Kremlin logics, military equipment and fighters for Donbas come from America as well.

According to journalist Euegen Magda, Russia seeks to achieve imbalance of position of Washington and Brussels concerning the official Kremlin, and for this Putin can try to fit Obama’s work schedule.

However, Russia traditionally lacks sequence in its actions. Trying to portray itself as a civilized member of international community Putin’s regime fails some important moments.  The good example is negative reaction of the Kremlin to suggestion to create special tribunal to try perpetrators of downing ‘Boing-777’ in Donbas in 2014.

It is even more interesting to observe how Russian commentators try to explain protests in Yerevan by Ukrainian influence. They might have forgotten that Armenia was and remains Moscow oriented in its foreign policy. However, the Kremlin sees any Maidan as a threat.

Russian delegation will be deprived of influence in PACE until January 2016, that is why Russian representatives don’t go to Strasbourg themselves, they use different agents of influence like leader of Ukrainian communists Petr Simonenko.

However, this couldn’t secure Russia from the first mention of ‘Russian aggression’ in PACE official documents. The journalist underlines that this fact shouldn’t be overestimated, but this is a milestone on the way of changing of European attitude of conflict in Donbas.

NATO support for Ukraine can be observed since beginning of Donbas conflict. Today we have consistent political and finance support via trust funds. Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak doesn’t exclude supplies of lethal weapons in case of escalation in Donbas.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that NATO wouldn’t recognize annexation of Crimea and would intensify support for Ukraine.


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