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Ukraine-2015 – mobilization wave and resuming of conscription

December 24, 2014

Ukraine 2015 – results of National Security Council meeting

Ukraine-2015 – mobilization wave and resuming of conscription

Here are the results of National Security and Defense Council attended by the President Poroshenko.

Fourth mobilization wave in 2015

The next mobilization wave will be held the next year and it will consist of 3 phases: from January to August. Head of NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov informed this.

This year there have been three waves of mobilization. Therefore we have an actual issue of rotation of our heroes. Turchynov underlined that there should not be a situation when one and the same people bear all difficulties protecting the homeland and another part watches them on TV.

That is why it is planned for 2015 that all servicemen who would have no desire to sign the contract for continuation of service will gradually retire from Armed Forces and National Guard.

fourth mobilization wave planned for 2015

Later the government specified the consitinons of the new phase of partial mobilization.

The same categories of people will be mobilized as previously. These are reserve servicemen aged from 25 to 60 which have military specialization: tankists, artillerists, paratroopers, infantrymen, signalers, repairers, drivers, mechanics of different weapon systems, experts in logistics, radio electroniv warfare, raiation, chemical and biological protection.

Training of mobilized servicemen

The early mobilization would allow conduct thorough training of servicemen for modern hostilities. They will go through mandatory 25-days training at the Training Center of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Servicemen will be tought by instructors who have taken part in anti-terrorist operation.

Then there will be combat coordination in sub-units which will also last 25 days.

According to the government, the mobilized servicemen will be sent to perform their duty only when they finish training and are provided with all necessary equipment.

Conscription resumed

Since 2015 military service by conscription will be resumed.

The terms of service will be the following: 1,5 year and 1 year for people with higher education. Men aged from 20 to 27 will be called up.

Head of NSDC Turchynov uderlined that taking into acount the current situation, men aged 18-19 will not fall under concription the next year.


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