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We must move away from the model of passive reaction to Russian propaganda

We must move away from the model of passive reaction to Russian propaganda

‘In the information war the European Union and Ukraine should meet the challenges of Putin’s propaganda. However, these answers don’t have to use the methods of counter-propaganda. They should provide the facts’. This idea was expressed by European expert Olivier Vedrine. He said these words at the regular briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

He also announced the release of a new TV show about Ukraine.

25-minute program in the English language will be aired on the First National Channel once a week. It will be called ‘UA Tea Time’. The main motto of the program – ‘Show the real Ukraine to the rest of the world’.

Olivier Vedrine said: ‘In our analysis program we will invite guests, we are going to discuss issues of international relations between Ukraine, Russia and the EU. We will also talk about the economy and culture.’ He also added: ‘In order to protect our values, we must represent facts and raise important social issues.’

Olivier Védrine sure that it is not difficult to convince western people, telling them the true stories about life in Russia and Europe. The expert underlined: ‘We need to ask simple questions. For example, why Putin’s businessmen prefer to spend their vacations in Europe? Why have they sent their children to study in Western universities?’

He added: ‘We also need to respond to Putin’s propaganda with irony and humor. So we can emphasize its idiocy’.

According to the plans of the authors of the program, ‘UA Tea Time’ will talk about the reforms, education, freedom of the press, finance and economics. The expert concluded: ‘We must move away from the model to respond to the Russian propaganda and move toward proactive informing of an international audience about the current situation in Ukraine. This information should not just respond to the accusations of Russian propaganda, and to deny it. It should proactively inform the audience and tell positive stories’.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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