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UA council failed to meet witness of Nemtsov murder

March 1, 2015

Ukrainian Concul in Moscow failed to meet Ukrainian citizen Anna Durytska who was witness of murder of Borys Nemtsov


UA council failed to meet witness of Nemtsov murder

The crime scene

Ukrainian consul in Moscow Hennadiy Breskalenko informed that accommodation of Ukrainian citizen Anna Durytska is currently unknown. The 23 years old Ukrainian model witnessed murder of Russian oppositionist Borys Nemtsov.

Ukrainian diplomat stated that Ukrainian citizen is a witness and she can leave Russian territory freely.

‘As Durytska has status of witness she can go back to Ukraine without obstacles’, – Mr. Breskalenko said.

However, according to several source the accommodation of Ukrainian citizen us currently unknown. Ukrainian MP Ostap Semerak had telephone conversation with Anna. She informed that she had been transported to some apartment which is guarder and she is not allowed to go out. Anna Durytska doesn’t know where she is being kept.

Russian investigation committee doesn’t give comments on the situation.

As it was informed, Russia oppositionist politician Borys Nemtsov was murdered on February 27 at night. He was walking in the center of Moscow near the Kremlin with Ukrainian citizen Anna Durytska. The unknown killed made 4 shots in his back.


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