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U.S. Embassy Statement On Violence In Eastern Ukraine


The United States is disgusted by last night’s savage attack on the peaceful pro-unity demonstrators in Donetsk, including many women and children.  This senseless violence is a reminder of the struggle for dignity that underlies the political debate in Ukraine today.  We also condemn the separatists’ taking of hostages, both Ukrainians and international monitors, some of whom have been brutally beaten.  There is no place for these examples of inhuman behavior in a modern, democratic society.  This is terrorism, pure and simple.  We support the Ukrainian Government’s efforts to contain this threat and defend the lives and safety of its citizens.  In addition, we call on all who hold sway with these armed groups, including the Russian Federation, to arrange for an immediate cessation of all violent acts and the release of all hostages.  This is a reminder of why the elections on May 25 will be so important to the future of this country.  And in that the Ukrainian people will enjoy the full support of the United States.

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