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Two teens wounded by shell in Dzerzhynsk

Two teens wounded by shell in Dzerzhynsk


On the night of April 13 fighters shelled village near ‘Southern’ mine in Dzerzhynsk. Two teens were wounded by the explosion.

Village of ‘Southern’ mine was shelled at 06.00 pm on April 13. Two teenagers were wounded on the outskirts of Dzerzhynsk town. The two friends were grazing goats on the field when shelling took place.

Two teens wounded by shell in Dzerzhynsk

According to Internal Ministry, there were several explosions. One of shell exploded at distance of 6 meters from the two boys. The teenagers got shrapnel wounds of body and legs, goats were killed. The two boys were delivered to hospital. One of them was born in 2001, another one in 1998.

Some of mines exploded near checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Servicemen weren’t injured.


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