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Two tank units reinforce terrorists in Donetsk

January 21, 2015

Fierce battles for checkpoint #31

Two tank units reinforce terrorists in Donetsk

Here is an operative data about current situation in Eastern Ukraine from experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group.

Reinforcement arrives to Donetsk

In course of the previous two days reinforcement for Russian-terrorist troops has been arriving to Donetsk city. These forces are necessary to compensate enemy’s losses after battles for Donetsk airport and nearby settlements.

In particular, two tank units have entered Ukrainian territory (12 tanks in total and mobile repair workshop) and several infantry units.

Checkpoint #31

There continued fierce battles in the area of checkpoint #31. The enemy brought up a considerable amount of artillery – at leas two artillery groups. It total these groups disposed of 25 artillery systems – howitzers D30 and multiple rocket launchers ‘Grad’.

The giver artillery groups shell not only forefront positions of Ukrainian army by also positions in the depth of combat formations.

In addition, the enemy’s artillery tries to prevent arrival of reinforcement and implementation of logistical support for Ukrainian troops in the given sector.

Situation near Mariupol

Near the town of Mariupol the enemy delivered a number of massive fire strikes at forefront positions of Ukrainian troops. The mentioned shelling was carried out in order to cover the regrouping of Russian-terrorist troops on the Mariupol direction. The advanced groups of the enemy were reinforced with manpower and military equipment.

Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytro [Dmitriy] Tymchuk

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