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Turchynov has signed the decree on the access to open sessions of Verkhovna Rada

November 20, 2014

Parliament Speaker Turchynov has approved the procedure for access to the open sessions of Verkhovna Rada

Turchynov has signed the decree on the access to open sessions of Verkhovna Rada

From now on any citizen can visit the Parliamentary session freely after having submitted the electronic application and having received a pass for an appropriate parliamentary day.

The Media Law Institute informs this.

As it is informed, changes to the rules pf Parliament concerning the right of citizens to attend its meetings have been made in March, 2014. However, the procedure of realization of this right remained uncertain due to absence of decree from the Speaker and ordinary Ukrainians could not attend the Parliamentary meeting on practice.

In the Institute of Media Law they remind that after fruitless appeals to the Parliament Speaker with request to meet the requirements of the law, resource editor ‘Access to the truth’, representative of Public Union ‘Center UA’ Alice Ruban filed a lawsuit against Parliament Speaker.

Despite the fact that the court session has been re-scheduled several times (the first was planned for October 28, then it was postponed several times, currently it is scheduled for December 10), the main result has already been achieved – on October 27 Turchynov approved the decree ‘On the procedure for access of persons to open plenary sessions of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine #694’.

In the Media Law Institute they mention that the corresponding document has not yet appeared on the official website of Verkhovna Rada but lawyers have managed to receive a scanned copy of it in response to their request.

According to the decision of Turchynov, free access to open sessions of Verkhovna Rada would be provided since the day of opening of the first session of Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation.

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