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Transparency International considers Ukraine among most corrupted countries of the world

December 3, 2014

Ukraine has been considered more corrupted than Russia

Transparency International considers Ukraine among most corrupted countries of the world

According to data from Transparency International, Ukraine remains among the most corrupted countries in the world ranking 142-nd place of 175.

Once again Ukraine is on the same rank of corruption with Uganda and Comoro Islands.

According to executive director of Ukrainian representative of Transparency International Oleksiy Khmara, having adopted some laws the state has demonstrated its intention to move towards reforms, however, this is not enough.

‘Anti-corruption laws adopted on October 14, 2014 have only laid the foundation for changes. The next events will demonstrate what the real reform will be like. This will be demonstrated in December. New government with new parliament has to work on state budget for 2015. And whether there will be money for anti-corruption bureau or electronic system of declarations of officials – this is still an open question’, – Mr.Khamara says.

He underlines that political will is not only strong calls from high tribunes. These are practical steps to implement new anti-corruption laws, like transparent recruitment of personnel of new anti-corruption bodies, punishment of all those involved in corruption schemes, non-interference in the work of fighters against corruption. That is what Ukraine lacks to climb in Corruption Perceptions Index rankings.

Ukraine still continues to stay in the club of countries with extremely corrupted government. However, Transparency International registers some positive changes in anti-corruption steps of the country – in course of this year bureaucracy has been suffocating business less, export and import have become slightly freer from bribes.


Previously we reported that according to headquarters of anti-terrorist operation Ukrainian army destroyed about eight thousand fighters since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation.



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