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Traitors of Ukraine have received Russian citizenship

October 3, 2014

Ex-President Yanukovych and his gang have received Russian citizenship

Traitors of Ukraine have received Russian citizenship

Ex-President Yanukovich


Advisor to Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko informed this on his Facebook.

According to Gerashchenko former citizens cannot stay in Russian for more than 90 days in a row. Then they have to cross the border. Former citizens can stay in Russian no more than 180 days in total per year.

According to Advisor to Minister the families of traitors of Ukraine received Russian citizenship. Gerashchenko wrote about 3 former Ukrainian officials: Yanukovych (former President of Ukraine, fled to Russian in the end of February after the Revolution of Dignity succeeded); Pshonka (the former Attorney General) and Azarov (former Prime Minister of Ukraine, he and Pshonka fled to Russia with Yanukovych).


The portrait of Pshonka picturing him as Julius Caesar found in his mansion





Gerashchenko wrote that according to information from operative data he found out that traitors of Ukraine received Russian citizenship by separate secret decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They received citizenship as an award for faithful service for the collapse of national security, defense, law enforcement system and economy.

‘the Pharisees gave Judas 30 pieces of silver for betraying Crist. Putin gave Russian citizenship to Azarov, Pshonka, Yanukovych and their families for betrayal of interests of Ukraine, orgy of lawlessness and execution of their own citizens’.

‘I’m not a supporter of Lukahsenko [President of Bielorussia] and other authoritarian regimes, but I support the idea of changing constitution concerning legislation of deprival traitors of citizenships! Democracy must be with fists!’, – Gerashchenko added.


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