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The tragedy near Volnovakha caused by terrorists

January 14, 2015

Russian-terrorist forces increase activity in Eastern Ukraine

The tragedy near Volnovakha caused by terrorists

Here is an operative data about situation in Eastern Ukraine from experst of ‘Information Resistance’ group.

General situation and terrorist activity

Russian-terrorist forces continue increasing their activity in Eastern Ukraine. The number of shellings and attacks at positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces has increased.

Debaltsevo, Hranitne, Stanytsya Luhanska.

During the battle at Donetsk airport one of assault groups of Russian-terrorist forces got under dagger fire of Ukrainian troops and suffered losses.

Ukrainian militants caught two servicemen of Chechen Interior Ministry [the so-called Kadyrivists after the surname of their current president Ramzan Kadyrov].

In the area of town of Spartak Ukrainian artillery struck the artillery positions of Russian-terrorist troops. From these positions the enemy used to shell Ukrainian positions in Donetsk airport and the nearby town of Avdiivka. Suppression of the enemy’s artillery was almost immediate. Then Ukrainian artillery concentrated on suppression of fire emplacement and weapons on the forefront.

The tank unit which had participated in assault at Donetsk airport yesterday managed to retreat.

In the area of town of Horlivka two joint artillery groups of Russian-terrorist forces (armed with cannot artillery, mortars and multiple rocket launcher systems) deliver strikes at positions of Ukrainian troops. After shelling the groups change positions immediately.

Near the settlement of Gnutovo (near the town of Mariupol) there was a long infantry battle with usage of mortars and cannon artillery. Several sub-units of terrorists made numerous unsuccessful attempts to attack front positions of Ukrainian troops.

The tragedy near Volnovakha

The artillery strike near the town of Volnovakha was carried out by a joint artillery group of fighters subordinated to tactical group of Russian-terrorist forces. One of shells hit the civilian bus, 11 people (mostly women) were killed.

The experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group informed previously that the mentioned artillery group was characterized by non-systematic artillery strikes and unprepared, suicide attacks at positions of Ukrainian troops

Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytro [Dmitriy] Tymchuk

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