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Touch the Bricks that History was Built From

Zaporizhzhia is a city with an amazingly rich history. Though traditionally it is associated with the legendary times of Cossacks, today this story from ВремяZ will show you that its vaults harbor many more treasures for the history lovers.
In the Museum-gallery of applied ceramics and art creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai you can descend into an intriguing world of the old Aleksandrovsk (historical name of Zaporizhzhia). As you walk down the stairs to the accompaniment of classical music you will see a huge arch, which was found in 2007 and restored. As the legend goes, through this arch a rider could enter the scientific laboratory for the study of clay, where German engineers worked in 1760. The small hall is a pearl of regional architecture, where the main attraction is the 1 meter thick arch.
The underground part of the museum is covered by a wooden structure, because the oldest type of construction is clay and wood. 60 tons of soot and dirt had to be taken out during the construction of the museum, despite this, the level from the floor remained the same. The museum features photographs of paintings by those artists who witnessed the development of construction in the 20th century.
The curators of the museum are welcoming the young ‘smartphone generation’ to come and see how intricate brick and tile technologies were in the days of Aleksandrovsk and since. For this purpose, the museum hosts various lectures, festivals of creativity and art exhibitions.
The collection of the museum includes materials related to the history of the first buildings of Zaporizhzhia, antique maps and photo documents, a collection of antique bricks and much more. The museum also tells the story of the famous artists – brothers Aleksey Burlay and Ilya Burlay.









29 Poshtova Street (entrance from Blagovishchens’ka Street)
69063 Zaporozhye Ukraine

Every day from 10.00 till 17.00
Excursions to be booked 7 days in advance
Telephone/fax: +38 061 213-87-55


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