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Top five myths of DNR and LNR – promises that will never be realized

October 29, 2014

Five myths of DNR and LNR

Top five myths of DNR and LNR – promises that will never be realized

Recently unrecognized republics in Eastern Ukraine have to explain their followers why, despite the weakening of hostilities, people still live such bad life. Here is the short list of myths of DNR and LNR that terrorists use to lie to people.

The inhabitants of Donbas were attracted to the referendum with promises of ‘tremendous Russian pensions’, almost free gas and unprecedented economic boom after the release from ‘Kyiv hunta’. Now terrorist leaders have to explain why theit promises are not realized, and never will.

‘Hostile policy of Kyiv’ becomes the chief argument of the myths. However, in some cases terrorists add ‘objective circumstances’ and ‘necessity to wait until the better future comes’.

Myth number one: Ukraine must pay pensions to the residents of the self-proclaimed republics.

DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] displays itself as an independent state and Kyiv is its official enemy. It is strange logics when hostile Ukraine has to pay pensions to the residents of ‘independent Donbas’.

Undoubtedly, DNR leaders would like to seize Ukrainian money and armored vehicles that would carry them. However, it will never happen like that. At it is not Kyiv that is guilty of that, not even Brussels of Washington. These are criminals that have transformed live region into post-apocalyptic wild lands that are guilty.

Myth number two: DNR and LNR are using [or will use in the nearest future] Russian, not Ukrainian gas.

It is impossible because transportation of gas demands infrastructure that costs millions. DNR terrorists destroyed established infrastructure with their shells and will fail to build new. Meanwhile Russia is much more interested in selling gas to more profitable regions, it will not bother provide Donbas residents with free gas supplies.

Because of that the self-proclaimed republics can have only two types of gas – Ukrainian or none. Currently Donbas gets free Ukrainian gas.

Myth number three: the self-proclaimed republics will be integrated into Russian industrial chains and will start manufacturing with Russian wages.

Terrorists used this myth to attract people to vote at the referendum. Currently only crazy ‘romantics’ can believe in this.

Absolutely all actions of Russia indicate opposite intentions. If someone planned integration, engineering troops would enter Ukrainian territory instead of illegal terrorist gangs. They would never steak equipment at plants and take it to Russia if they planned to develop infrastructure. If Russia intended to use mines terrorists would never destroy them.

Russian had a plan to destroy the infrastructure of Donbas knowing that Kyiv would have to rebuild it sooner or later. Russia has brilliantly coped with its plan.

Myth number four: DNR and LNR leader will manage to prepare infrastructure for winter.

Degree of deterioration of Donbas infrastructure exceeds 70& and it is being supported by people who are not interested in its adequate preparation for winter.

Even having some advantages [ability to motivate public utilities workers with weapon] DNR and LNR are moving in direction of infrastructure collapse. Lack of energy resources, absence of coordination of services, horrible damage cause by war – they do not leave chances that houses would be warm and lit this winter.

Myth number five: Kyiv would be forced to start negotiations and agree on economic cooperation with DNR and LNR to get coal from Donbas mines.

Taking into account that Donbas is the region that used to receive subsidies every year and considering destruction of local mines and infrastructure, we can easily assume that Kyiv will not start negotiating. It will be cheaper to buy coal in Poland or South Africa.


In general, Donbas terrorists have generated more myths to fill the empty space between their promises and reality.

Meanwhile, despite all anti-Ukrainian propaganda, Kyiv does not deny Donbas residents of their right to be Ukrainian citizens. They can still receive their social benefits [it is necessary to registry in regions controlled by Ukrainian authorities]. Authorities in Kyiv understand that many people have become terrorist hostages against their will.

On the same reason Ukraine does not stop supplying Donbas with electricity, gas and water, although it can easily do this.

All in all, Donbas resident should not believe in myths of DNR and LNR and understand one simple thing – Putin will not feed Donbas, and if they want Kyiv to fulfill its duties for its residents they have to return to legal field of Ukraine.


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