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Today Ukrainian Forces were shelled 29 times

Today Ukrainian Forces were shelled 29 times

On April 24 Russian-terrorist forces violated ceasefire 20 timed. In addition, there were two armed clashes.

Press service of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

According to them from midnight to 06.00 pm there were 29 cases of shelling.

The new day started with armed clash between terrorist and Ukrainian forces near Maryinka in Donetsk oblast. Both sides used small arms, the enemy was forced to retreat under dense fire of Ukrainian soldiers.

Another armed clash with sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy took place near Avdiivka. The press service informs about usage of small arms.

In general, when shelling positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast terrorist forces used mortars of 120 mm caliber, small arms, automatic and hand grenade launchers, anti-aircraft system.

In addition, flight of one drone was registered at midday.


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