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Three factors of Ukrainian stability according to one opinion

March 14, 2015

Here is an opinion of blogger Alexander Noynets about current situation in Ukraine and the world published on the website of Petr and Mazepa project. How Russian chaos, murder of previous political elite and credit tranches can be beneficial for Ukrainian stability.

Three factors of Ukrainian stability according to one opinion

Good news, everyone. As professor Farnsworth said, in thousand years.

Everything is being destroyed, all die and it seems that chaos is around us.

And this is good, because in reality that situation for us is not just stabilizing but improving significantly.


Russia might fall into abyss after Putin’s death

‘I’ll start with FR, because it is not that interesting about Russian Federation. Putin is sitting in a box and in two states simultaneously. For one external observers, for example for polish newspaper, he is dead, and for other external observers like Peskov [press secretary] he is very much alive and apparently will live eternally’.

The morals of this story and this hysteria are not what really happen to Putin. Moral is that actually happens to RF. Putin left the handlebar for couple of days and it doesn’t matter for what reason, whether he fell ill, got drunk, died, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that different groups of power began fighting with each other. Everything blurred. Fell down, rotten threads were revealed everywhere.

The motto ‘Putin is stability’ appeared to be so literally true that one’s eyes refuse to believe that such crap situation is actually possible. Without Putin RF disappears in one month, breaking into several feuds which wage war against each other. And what we see now is a preflight testing. This is testing before flying into abyss. If Putin dies then Russia will be broken immediately. If Putin survives for some time – then it will be broken later. Russia is already completely exhausted by artificial maintenance of Putin’s stability which is already unable to cope with tense of surrounding situation.

According to the blogger, this was the first factor of Ukrainian stability. Russian Federation is dying. The events of the previous days showed the every day requires fewer efforts to destroy it.


Meanwhile in Ukraine former political elite dies

Meanwhile in Ukraine there is an unprecedented in its history pestilence of regionals [members of Party of region, the previous leading political force]. Everyone who was somehow involved into 2004 intrigue with Yushchenko, Yanukovich and Kuchma [all are previous UA president] began to rapidly shoot, hang themselves and step out in the window. The pestilence speed is about 2 regionals per week. Peklushenko, Melnik, Chechetov, Valter and some other people about whom we won’t hear.

The blogger Noynets cannot mourn them for these reasons. The Party of Regions was mafia and the fact that sweeping of traces in it occurs according to mafia schemes can surprise only those who by mistake considered it a political party. Blogger believes that the fact that now this organization has entered this phase of its life, when its members cannot hide in Spain, Ukraine, and not even in LNR or DNR might be sad news for people connected to it, but not to Ukraine in general.

Why? Because the current murder of regionals shows that the biggest destabilization fact leaves Ukraine. Members of Party of Regions loved words ‘improvement’ and ‘stability’ only when they considered their power. In opposition all net of former and current party of Regions members would be engaged in undermining the situation event up to financing the fighters.

Because their plan is to return to power using protest moods and nostalgia of people. There will be no Party of Regions and no regionals. The author of the translated article believes that the people who led corruption schemes are being murdered and there won’t be newcomers to substitute them.

So that regionals are just left without any perspective on the territory of Ukraine. They won’t have allied business, and without allied business there is nothing but empty words. And even empty idle talk without money ends soon.

This is the second factor of Ukrainian stability. Party of Regions is dying – it will die completely soon. Part of it will be murdered, part will escape, part will hide forewer. Party of Regions has gone into oblivion right after the Communist party.


Editor: This point of the author seems controversial. Because if representatives of previous ruling force are being murdered instead of being imprisoned for their crimes it might mean that someone at power is sweeping traces of his own crime or some new kind of ‘mafia’ is preparing to substitute the previous one. However, we’ll never know the whole truth of what is happening and the time will show. Let’s return to the blogger’s point of view.


International Monetary Fund gives a sign

On this background International Monetary Fund gives Ukraine SDR of $17.5 billion. The author underlines that IMF is not an organization to save Ukraine but a business organization. It estimates risks and invests where it can get profit. And now, taking into account the above written factors, the decision that we can be invested was made.

The blogger believes that IMF credit is the third factor of Ukrainian stability. The IMF tranche is a signal to other international business groups that Ukraine can be invested. So that the given SDR will be followed by $30 billions of not so significant investments from private investors.

According to the blogger, the IMF gave a sign, international investors saw it. We’ve survived this winter although many people thought we wouldn’t.

Three factors of Ukrainian stability according to one opinion

However, according to Alexander Noynets, there are still significant dangers.

Nothing has ended yet. Ukraine is still occupied by Russian Federation, and dying RF will try to organize finance battle on our territory. Noynets advices to wait for general offense that we’ll have to repel with significant losses. And the country government is still occupied by ‘unproductive, unmotivated, unprofessional assholes’ who are interested in stealing all marketable that is left in the country and prohibiting building something new and good.

‘Wars with terrorists in DNR/LNR and terrorists in government will be enough for us and our children will have them’. Noynets underlines that the situation is critical and will be critical for several years. The most difficult and the most interesting adventures of all destined to Ukraine are waiting for us.

‘We are no smarter, stronger or even kinder that regionals, Russians or terrorists. It’s just while they are eating each other we stick together. Horrah!’, – the author sums up.



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