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Threat of execution doesn’t prevent terrorists from looting and marauding

September 25, 2014

Increasing of intensity of terrorist shelling is expected. – Information Resistance group

Threat of execution doesn't prevent terrorists from looting and marauding

The situation in the conflict zone on Donbas doesn’t allow to suggest that Russian-terrorists troops have set themselves a task to fulfill peace agreements.

Heavy machinery and artillery of caliber more than 100 mm, that had previously been withdrawn from the line of contacts with Ukrainian forces, was simply transferred to other locations – primarily to the area of the settlements of Donetsk and Avdiivka.

In connection with the preparation of illegal entrance of the next Russian humanitarian convoy into Ukraine the increasing of intensity of shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces is expected. Previously the gradation of attacks was the following:

Convoy of September 12: day of entrance of the convoy into Ukraine – 35 cases of shelling, the next day (when the ammunitions was being delivered to fighters) – 63 cases of shelling.

Convoy of September 20: day of entrance of the convoy into Ukraine – 29 cases of shelling, the next da7 – 70 cases of shelling.

There has been registered delay of negotiation process to transfer prisoners. Especially it concerns negotiation to return captured militants in officer’s ranks.

Previously terrorists declared establishing of ‘united armed forces of Novorossiya [New Russia]. In reality nothing of this kind is observed, terrorists and Russian fight with each other. Recently station of radio interference and its crew were destroyed as a result of ‘friendly firing’.

Also there were registered cases of firefights between terrorists groups in Luhansk oblast. A number of terrorists was destroyed.

In Donetsk oblast terrorists began to receive second hand winter clothing from Russia. Brother Russian is helping fighters to prepare for the coming winter.

The leaders of self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk People’s republic’ distribute among local fighters and order that prohibits looting under the threat of execution. However, this doesn’t restrain the increasing of banditry among fighters who have focused themselves on robbing of remaining stores in Luhansk and other settlements.

During the last day there were registered 22 cases of shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces.

Source: Centre of Military and Political Studies, Information Resistance group

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