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There has appeared a video made by local inhabitants that displays a plane falling down – UPDATED

July 14, 2014

Video of falling plane that has been shot down by terrorists published

Video of falling plane that has been shot down by terrorists published

The information about Ukrainian plane shot down by terrorists have appeared several hours ago. According to eyewitnesses in Krasnodol region near the mine ‘Shidna’ DP ‘Krasnodonvugillya’ terrorists fired from a portable air defense system. At 12.30 p.m. Ukrainian plane was shot down, the pilot catapulted.

The ATO press centre informed in Facebook about the loss of communication with the crew of military transport airplane AN-26. ‘At 12.30 p.m. we have lost connection with the plane AN-26 that carried out the task of air transportation support of the active ATO phase.

The reasons of connection disappearance are being checked’, – it is said in the report. Search and rescue operation in the specified area is being held now. Probably this plane have been shot down by terrorists today.

Source: UNIAN.UA

Updated: The members of the crew of plane communicated with the General Staff. The soldiers mentioned that the plane had been shot down at the altitude of 6500 meters, which is impossible to reach for portable air defense systems. Some more powerful rocket weapon was used and probably it fired from the territory of Russian Federation.

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