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The town of Severodonetsk released from terrorists. – Avakov – UPDATED

July 22, 2014

Severodonetsk is released from fighters.

Severodonetsk is released from fighters.


This has been informed by Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in Twitter.

‘Severodonetsk is with us’, – he has written.

Currently the Security Forces have taken control over all important facilities of the town.

Severodonetsk is released from fighters.

According to head of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Lugansk region Anatoliy Naumenko: ‘At one of the abjects the Security Forces have found bodies of two killed people. Besides 4 hostages have been released, they are the inhabitants of heighboiring regions and they have been captured for about a month. The older one is 57 years old, the youngest is 21. the released people inform that they have been tortured by terrorists’.

He has noted that required investigation measures are being taken with the released people.

‘The officers are finding out the circumstances of their capturing and being in captivity’, – Naumenko has mentioned.

We remind that yesterday Ukrainian army took under control 2 important settlements and released Dzerzhynsk, Rubizhne and Soledar.

Severodonetsk is released from fighters 1

Severodonetsk is released from fighters 2

Source: UNIAN.UA

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