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The summary of events for July 18 by Dmytro Tymchuck

The list of important events as presented by D.Tymchuck 

Brothers and sisters!
Here’s the Summary for July 18, 2014

The summary of events for July 18 by Dmytro Tymchuck

The bad news:

1. The Kremlin and its obedient dogs in Donbas are not going to accept responsibility for the downed Malaysian airliner. [They] wiggle like a pervert at a sexologist’s appointment.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov even [had the guts] to call statements that the “Boeing-777″ passenger aircraft fell as a result of a terrorist act, “an attempt to exert pressure on the investigation.”

How come you, Sergey Viktorovich [Lavrov], since you are so honest and principled, instantaneously shield terrorists who themselves trumpeted yesterday to the world that they had shot down this plane, and had the video to show for it? And Russian media enthusiastically broadcast these cries of joy to appreciative Russian listeners.

The fact of the matter is that Moscow will continue to dodge [its involvement] until the very end–it is currently (at the height of its cynicism) still trying to accuse Ukraine of its own cannibalistic acts. No wonder that today the insurgents jumped out of their skins to try to prevent rescuers from gathering material evidence from the crime scene.

Deceitful to the bone, the speech by the Russian Permament Representative to the UN [Vitaly] Churkin became the height of cynicism. The notorious Ribbentrop is but a kid at a school performance with poems about March 8 [International Women’s Day] compared to Russian lobbyist-diplomats.

2. Speaking of Ribbentrop. Frau Merkel today revealed her dual nature (although she never specifically hid this fact). The shocked world continued to mourn the victims, while the German Chancellor immediately rushed to start her Kremlin gramophone playing the old song, “There’s no reason for sanctions against Russia.” But at the same time, she also performed condemning gestures towards the Kremlin to this melody, urging France to stop supplying “Mistrals” to Russia.

To friends and foes. It seems that Berlin cannot choose between mouth-watering bonuses from Gazprom and democratic values. Well, at least cleave yourself in half.

Fortunately, Europe has not yet found other equally clever hypocrites ready to pair up with Merkel to shield the terrorist named “Russia,” while at the same time allegedly condemning him.

3. Today, the RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] presented compelling evidence of the fact that the Ukrainian Su-25 fighter plane was shot down by a Russian MiG-29 from the 19th Fighter Aviation Regiment, on July 16.

Yesterday, the Russian Defense Ministry was yelling that Ukraine has no evidence of Russian aggression. Today’s blatant facts earned no comment from these deceitful loudmouths. It looks like Dima Kiselev [prominent propaganda figure on Russia 1 TV channel] can’t find the right kind of magic mushrooms to get inspired for a response.

4. Terrorists turned their attempts to stifle their crime with the Boeing catastrophe into even more heinous crimes.

Today in Luhansk, gunmen shot civilians directly in the streets, and would not let anyone collect the dead bodies–waiting for Russian journalists to show up [and] present the victims as casualties of the ATO forces. We have observed the same inconceivable picture in Torez [Donetsk Oblast], where the plane had been downed earlier. They think that doing this will help them distract the world from the airline tragedy.

It is hard to find any words for this. These are not people. These are beasts.

The good news:

1. While intense and bloody clashes continue in Donbas, the degree of conflict has somewhat decreased in Donetsk Oblast today. This was announced by the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, and confirmed by our observations.

We predict that Russia will start withdrawing its militaries (“little green men”) from the territory of Ukraine–there are reasons to expect this. I think that one day our intelligence will speak about how close we were to the mass deployment of Russian troops into Ukraine, yesterday, July 17.

Today, the threat is not entirely gone, but it clearly receded. If the international community fails to put pressure on Russia, the threat will return.

2. After an unforgivably long and unexplained pause, our [military] units that found themselves without support (primarily in the border areas), have finally been sent some help today.

We cannot disclose the details. We can only say that the current regrouping of our troops is carried out under very difficult circumstances. But we hope that we will see the positive results very soon.

3. I liked the way that the city of Omsk [Siberia] Russian Internet media talked about a Russian conscript (“little green man”) who was taken prisoner yesterday in Ukraine. That is, the kid was taking a walk somewhere “between the villages of Marynivka in Donetsk Oblast (Ukraine) and Kuybyshevo in Rostov Oblast (Russia)” where he disappeared (these freaks are not even aware of the existence of a state border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation). The relatives of the little boy are crying that, supposedly, Ukrainian security forces kidnapped him and took him to Ukraine. I wonder who needs this snot-nosed greenhorn.

With this story, the Russian media only served to confirm that [it was] Russia [who] sent its troops over to Donbas. By the way, this page is no longer available at the website of this publication–the Russian FSB [Federal Security Service] is vigilant as ever. But, unfortunately for Putin’s faithful disciples, the truth will out.

Source: Fcabook Head of Inforesist group Dmytro Tymchuck

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