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The Statement of Danylo Lubkivski, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


Kyiv, March 21th 2014, Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen,

An hour ago we signed the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Let me congratulate all of us. This event is of a strategic importance. This is a crucial, historic moment in our relations. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk and the EU’s 28 leaders, as well as European Council President and European Commission President signed the core political chapters on the sidelines of the EU summit in Brussels.

The landmark Agreement commits Ukraine and the EU to strong political and economic association. It provides us with new instruments to strengthen political stability, democracy and security in the region.

It will encourage and inspire our reforms.

The Agreement gives us further mechanisms to protect Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

The window of change and opportunity has been opened. Opening doors to Ukraine, the European Union will succeed as well.

European and global security system has been dealt the heaviest blow since the rise of the Berlin Wall. Whether it’s a knock-down – depends on the world’s reaction.

Ukraine is ready to stand its ground. Crimea is Ukrainian. We have the law and the truth on our side. We won’t budge to aggression. Ukraine might become the viable democratic alternative way to many countries.

The EU can find in Ukraine a new drive.The rest of the world can be sure that the new international reality doesn’t depend of the aggressors. This is right time for further strategic decisions.

The Association Agreement is just a beginning. As a European nation Ukraine will become a full-fledged member of the European family.

Our nation has struggles for that. Ukraine and Ukrainian people have gained their important victory.

We will take Russia to the courts. We will use every venue to make abundantly clear that this is not the way to behave in today’s world. And we have all reasons to count on international solidarity.

The whole world stands with Ukraine these days. But it’s not only about unanimity. It’s also about steadfastness. Russia is trying to drive a wedge between members of global community of nations. But we have seen this. It’s nothing new. It’s history repeating as a farce.

Today’s Ukraine is the new frontier to all people of good will. Being a European democracy is Ukraine’s free and sincere choice. Many people paid for it with their lives. Ukraine is the new “place to stand” – as long as you are serious about democracy, freedom, human rights.

Ukraine is only a test. Don’t let the aggressor work up the appetite.

Our main task now is to stabilize not only political, but also economic situation in Ukraine. The citizens must become guardians of our actions. The new government carries sacred responsibility to the people who stood on the Maidan.

There is no intrigue about the introduction of visa regime between Ukraine and Russia. This is a political problem, and we are actively working on a solution. Please pay attention to the fact that the responsibility lies entirely on Russia’s aggressive actions.

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