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The Silver Strings of Ukraine

From the 18th century to the modern day the bandura has been the living memory and the singing soul of Ukraine. Today its popularity is growing with bold takes on classic hits.

The bandura is one of the most beloved Ukrainian musical instruments. It is even called the “silver strings of Ukraine.” It became popular back in the 18th century, when blind sages travelled from village to village, accompanied by guide boys. They sang about legendary battles and heroic deaths, glory and sadness, love and hatred. The whole village gathered to listen to their magnetic and dreamy tales.

Bandura is associated with the freedom-loving Ukrainian warriors – Cossacks. The famous Ukrainian folkloric hero Cossack Mamay is traditionally painted tenderly holding this sweet-voiced instrument.

Today the popularity of banduras is being revived by many modern musicians. Maryna Krut’, a charming lady and a talented musician, offers her heartfelt interpretations of Ukrainian and foreign hit songs. Her covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Aretha Franklin’s I say a little prayer are original, fresh, tender and lyrical.

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