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The procedure of registration of Russian humanitarian aid hasn’t stated yet

August 20, 2014

Continuing shelling of the position of the ATO forces from territory of Russian Federation

The procedure of registration of Russian humanitarian aid hasn't stated yet

This was reported by spokesman of Information centre of National Security and Defense Council Colonel Andriy Lusenko during traditional press briefing in Kyiv.

During August 19 Ukrainian border guards and customs officials didn’t start the procedure of registration of Russian humanitarian aid. Ukrainian side hasn’t’ yet received the documentation concerning the content of the load. From International Red Cross mission administration of State Border Service received only the list of delegates that would accompany the humanitarian aid through Ukrainian-Russian border. The representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross said that they hadn’t yet received guarantees of safety for the members of advance mission group.

There are continuing shellings of positions of the ATO forces from territory of Russian Federation. Ukrainian armed forces observe the increase in activity of Russian intelligence on the coast of Azov Sea. Thus yesterday at 11.30 am there were detected 3 ‘Mangust’ cutters of Russian Coast Guard Service that moving in direction to Mariupol. After a warning about assault the cutters returned to territorial water of Russia.

During the last 24 hours border guards registered 2 Russian drones in Donetsk oblast and another one in Kherson oblast.

The ATO forces continue to attack the positions of terrorists.

Source: NSDC

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