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The Parliament increases number of UA armed forces to 250 000

March 5, 2015

Verkhovna Rada voted in support of the President’s draft law to increase number of armed forces to 250 thousand

The Parliament increases number of UA armed forces to 250 000

The corresponding draft law was supported by 270 out of 314 MPs registered in the session hall.

It is mentioned in the explanation note than in 2012 Verkhovna Rada approved number of Armed Forces within 184 thousand servicemen. The current draft bill supposed increasing of Ukrainian Armed Forces to 250 thousand people.

At the parliamentary meeting Deputy Defense Minister mentioned that this law is necessary to defend Ukraine today. He underlined that after ATO finishes and servicemen are demobilized, the number of the armed forces will be decreased in accordance with military and political situation.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Sergiy Pashynskiy underlined that first of all number of ground forces and combat units should in increased.


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