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The liberation of Donetsk continues

August 20, 2014

SSU detained a group that planned terrorist act on the eve of Independence Day

The liberation of Donetsk continues

This was reported by NSDC Information centre spokesman Colonel Andriy Lysenko during press briefing in Kyiv on August 19, 2014

‘Ukrainian army continues operation on liberation of [the city of] Donetsk. In order to block terrorist groups in Donbas capital the ATO forces have established more than 30 checkpoints around the city.

Airborne and infantry sub-units of the ATO forces continue to restrain Russian mercenaries that are trying to break through to Luhansk from the side of Russian border. Currently the area is blicked with dozens of checkpoints of Ukrainian forces.

Due to fierce battles near Khryshchuvate the work of sappers and criminal experts who were working at a place of shelling of civilian convoy was stopped. Was correspondents have gathered testimonies of the eyewitnesses.

In the battle for the liberation of the town of Ilovaisk in Donetsk oblast commander of ‘Donbas’ battalion Semen Semenchenko was wounded. The commander was fighting in the front line with the soldiers and received comminuted wounds. Semenchenko was delivered to hospital, the operation passed successfully. Life of the wounded is curretly not in danger.

Terrorists continue to shell residential areas and infrastructure in the ATO zone. Thus yesterday [August 19, 2014] fighters of Chechen nationality shelled dwelling houses with ‘Grad’ systems that had been previously established in residential area. In Perevalsk region [Luhansk oblast] as the result of artillery shelling the pipeline of low pressure was damaged. 200 customers were cut off the gas supply.

Ukrainian Security Service detained terrorist group that planned to shot down the ATO plane on the eve of Independence Day. The group consists of 6 Russian mercenaries aged from 21 to 53 whose activity was coordinated from Russia. It was found out that due to orders of Russian special service they planned to carry out plans of terrorist attacks at strategical objects in Kharkiv oblast. In particular at early July terrorists tried to blow up a cargo train and carried our armed attack at the building of ‘Kharkiv Mechanized Plant’. The group organizers recruited locals and supplied them with arms. During the arrest the law enforcement officers 5 grenade launchers, reactive flame thrower ‘Shmel’, two Kalashnikov rifles, Makarov pistol, 5 grenades RGD-5, 7 grenades and combat ammunition. Also offices found flash drive with the footage as evidence of crimes because terrorists documented their activity on video to report to their Russian supervisors then. Pretrial investigation is in process.

Source:, NSDC

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