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The group of international experts had to leave Boeing-777 crash site again

August 7, 2014

Terrorists interfere with the work of group of international experts at Boeing-777 crash site

The group of international experts had to leave Boeing-777 crash site again

This and the following news have been reported by NSDC Information Centre spokesman Andriy Lysenko during a daily press briefing in Kyiv.

The group of international experts that worked on the Boeing-777 crash site on Wednesday had to leave the place and return to its location due to shelling from terrorists that still control the location of the crash. We also remind that on Monday the group consisting of 110 experts from Netherlands, Australia and Malaysia and also 9 members of special monitoring mission of OSCE was also removed from the catastrophe site due to firing carried out by terrorists. They managed to work only for 1,5 hour.

In this regard Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte urged to suspend the search for bodies of Boeing-777 crash victims. According to Premier it is too dangerous to continue searches. Mark Rutte praised the work of the mission and promised to the victims’ relatives that the search would be resumed.

We once again remind that Ukrainian armed forces conduct no hostilities in a radius of 20 km from the place where international group of experts performs its functions and 10 km along the movement of the column.



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