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The fighters are trying to return their previous positions. – Tymchuk

August 5, 2014

The situation in the ATO zone is prone to aggravation due to terrorists’ attempts to organize counter-attacks and return previously lost positions.

The fighters are trying to return their previous positions. - Tymchuk

This is reported by Head of Centre of Military and Political sturdies and ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytro Tymchuk.

He also informs about the activity of reconnaissance and sabotage groups in earlier liberated areas (including usage of drones).

There are ongoing shellings of the positions of the ATO forces with ‘Grad’ volley fire systems, mortars and artillery. According to Tymchuk the ATO forces fire back.

Tymchuk also notes the tendency to increase the number of terrorists at Ukrainian territory. ‘There were 10.000 month ago, and now we count about 12.000’.

The expert expressed his opinion concerning this fact: ‘the increasing number of mercenaries among the former Russian law enforcement officers means that they [terrorists] are running out of resources. If previously they would recruit former special forces officers with fighting experience. Apparently Russia runs out of mercenaries who want to fight and they’ve began to expand the list of candidates’.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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