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The Defense Minister about shelling from the territory of Russian Federation, suicide bombers and marauding

July 22, 2014

Geletey mentions that that terrorists have began war without rules that’s why the Ministry of Defense have worked out new methods of neutralization of terrorist gangs and separate fighters.

The Defense Minister about shelling from the territory of Russian Federation, suicide bombers and marauding


Minister of Defense Valeriy Geletey gave briefing concerning the last event in the ATO zone and gave responses to all the questions of the representatives of popular TV-channels.


During the last several days from 11 pm to midnight the sub-units of Ukrainian Armed Forces undergo massive mortar shelling in the area of the state border. The last night firing was conducted from Ukrainian and Russian territory‘.

According to him terrorists tried to break through the state border in the area of village of Marynivka. Mass looting has become more frequent. Bandits take vehicles by force and concentrate in the areas close to the border in order to escape to Russian Federation.

‘The agony of DNR and LNR gangs is on high point. This is evidenced by the fact that they don’t stop before anything in their actions. This night a car filled with explosives drew up to one of the checkpoints. The suicide bomber blew the car up. As a result 3 Ukrainian soldiers died. These are inhumane methods, war without rules, and that is why we have already worked out new methods on neutralization of terrorist gangs and individual fighters.

He mentions that while Ukrainian sub-units are keeping defences in the South, there’s an ongoing attack in the North and the circle around the separatists is tightening. Rubizhne and Dzerzhynsk are released, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk are the next.

The attacking group of Ukrainian Special Forces entered Dzerzhynsk quickly. But terrorists stroke at the town administration set it on fire. Ukrainian Armed Forces had to start a battle and in several hours terrorists were scattered and fled in panic leaving all armoured vehicles.

According to the Defense Minister during the last several days more that 35 criminals were captured, including leaders and snipers. They had documents proving their Russian citizenship and their photos with the leaders of LND and DNR.

‘We don’t use aviation and artillery in towns but only in the suburbs, – Geletey mentioned. – Terrorists hide their armoured military vehicles on the territories of hospitals and other civilian objects. So that they fight without any rules. In separate cases there are point strikes at the terrorists. It is important that there are more and more supporters from local residents for the ATO forces. Patriots inform the sub-units of Armed Forces about concentrations of gangs and and then they are fired at’.

In course of the ATO armed forces find lots of mines and unexploded ammunition. War engineers and sappers work hard to neutralize explosives.

The National Guard and police come to released town to provide stability. ‘Their work is very important because after the town is released lots of terrorists dress themselves like civilians, sat at the table, take children waiting for the right moment to attack. When they are detained by the police officers they grasp their arms. Then there are shots but they are few and local residents are used to them. During the free distribution of products in the central square of Slovyansk an old woman came up to me and pointed at 3 young men who were standing in the queue. And when these men were arrested nobody of civilians would support them’.

Geletey underlined that the Armed Forces are doing everything possible to take control over Donetsk and Lugansk. According to the Minister there will be no rotation of military sub units in the front line after the third stage of mobilization due to the risk to lose the obtained positions.

The attack of Ukrainian Armed Forces would be much more successful if it were not for the Russian support for terrorists. Recently there was supply of armoured vehicles and shelling of Ukrainian sub-units located close to the border.

‘Since the beginning of warfare the Armed Forces have lost more than 250 soldiers, more then 780 have been wounded’, – Geletey mentioned. – But brave soldiers write letters asking to return them to war after they are recovered because they want to fight with their comrades’.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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