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The decision to annex Crimea was made by Putin himself

March 5, 2015

Putin’s decision to annex Crimea was unexpected for Finance Ministry

The decision to annex Crimea was made by Putin himself

The first Deputy to Minister of Finance of Russian Federation Tatiyana Nesterenko said this in her interview to Forbes Woman.

According to her, decision to annex Crimea was made by Putin exclusively without agreement with Russian Finance Ministry concerning wisdom of such move from economic point of view.

However, Ms. Nesterenko underlined that Ministry doesn’t dispose of all information. Only one person knows all and takes full responsibility. She expressed her belief that president Putin doesn’t make hasty decisions.


Currently Russian Federation is undergoing deep economic crisis due to collapse of oil prices and sanctions from the West. With this in the background, Russian Federation refused to finance the occupied Crimea from Investment funds. Instead of planned 373 billion rubles the annexed peninsula will get only 100 billion.

In addition, head of Finance Ministry Anton Siluanov previously admitted that volume of financing of Federal program for development of annexed Crimea and Sevastopol exceed capability of Russian budget.


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