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The Day of the Defender of Ukraine and Girl Power

On October 14 festivities have been held in all the major cities of Ukraine to honour not only men but also women who have devoted their lives to defending Ukraine and its people.

This holiday is the day when we celebrate and appreciate the efforts of all defenders of Ukraine – both male and female. The Institute for National Remembrance has officially reminded the people of Ukraine of gender equality. There are 25 000 women serving in the Ukrainian army. More than 7 000 among them have been directly engaged in the military conflict. This video from tells a story of one of the female defenders of Ukraine. Sophia is a grenade launcher assistant operator, who also happens to sing beautifully. She came to the recruiting station twice, but the first time she came, right after she graduated from school, her application was declined as she still did not have a profession. So, she became a cook and finally enrolled in the army. She is a good snap-shot and a very reliable comrade. Her male comrades-in-arms highly praise her dependability and courage. One of them, Leonid, wonders at how much women can accomplish when they set their mind to it. After her contract ends, Sophia is planning to continue her career in the army.

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