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The customs clearance of Russian humanitarian aid didn’t start

August 18, 2014

Ukrainian border guards prevented part of ‘humanitarian convoy’ from entering Ukrainian territory

The customs clearance of Russian humanitarian aid didn't start

This was reported by NSDC Information centre spokesman Colonel Andriy Lysenko during press briefing in Kyiv.

As of 11 am. due to absence of agreement between terrorists organization representatives and the Red Cross representative concerning safety guarantees of movement of the column with humanitarian aid its customs clearance has not been carried out.

The detailed inspection of the content of Russian humanitarian aid didn’t begin. The OSCE expert plan to examine the load on August 18 or 19.

yesterday border guards prevented at attempt to bring part of humanitarian load to Ukrainian territory. At 12.50 pm. 16 white coloured tent ‘KAMAZ’ vehicles, 1 tanker, 1 bus with allegedly humanitarian convoy drew up to ‘Donetsk’ checkpoint that it located on Russian territory. After this before very eyes of Russian border guards a group of terrorists on 8 cars and 3 buses drew up to Ukrainian border guards. The latter took up defensive positions to repel the attack. After negotiations with Russian border guards terrorists retreated deep into Ukrainian territory.

The OSCE representative Paul Ricard said that the organization is likely to possibly inspect Russian humanitarian convoy of August 18-19. defined parties – up to 30 vehicles. After examination the load would be transferred to Red Cross official representatives.

Source: NSDC

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