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The best of LifeinUA in 2015

The best of LifeinUA in 2015

2015 is almost gone and this is the right moment to revise it in pause between making salads and wrapping up presents for family members in friends.

This year has been a hard one for Ukraine and its people. We’ve lost many heroes, we were disappointed and discouraged with our politicians, we didn’t make our country perfect as we dreamed and didn’t liberate those who deserved freedom more than ever.

However, progress has been made. Ukrainians are slowly but steadily becoming the generation of patriots. It will take years to destroy the beast of corruption the devours the country and we are on the way to it.

So now let’s stop and revise something good we found out about Ukraine this year.

We hope that this positive mood will step into 2016 with us and stimulate further change for good.

Bandurist Georgiy Matviiv from Ukrainian city of Odessa will be of great help in creating holiday mood. Because in his hand traditional instrument sounds like it has never done before. His cover of Jingle Bells is something you can’t miss.

And here is an extraordinary cover of ‘Carol of the Bells’ by Pentatonix.

However, it is not actually cover because the song itself is of Ukrainian origin. The singers took the Pentatonix style, combined it with Ukrainian text and created something awesome.

Here other interesting fact about Ukraine what we wrote about.

This year we found out that Kiev is a great place to visit.

Must-see places when visiting Kiev

Lviv is an amazing place to fall in love with.

Give me more of impressive architecture!

But if we explore more about its culture and history Lviv becomes even better!

Who would guess that such things like first football match in the country was held in Lviv and it was super-short? That kerosene lamp was invented by chance. That the intention to ‘make their own good tasting beer’ create the first Ukrainian brewery. And this is not the complete list of achievements made in this amazing place.

Read about 14 great achievements made in Lviv.

facts about Lviv
facts about Lviv ‘Welcome to the city of Lion and beer’

We fell in love with Vyshsyvanka to find out that traditional embroidered shirts was an everyday clothes only 60 years ago.

vyshyvanka in xx century Ukraine

After being forgotten for some decades vyshyvanka has got the new life, it has made its way into high fashion, Ukrainian currency, car tuning, cat costumes and even tattos! Now we know for sure that wearing vyshyvanka means looking great.

vyshyvanka in high fashion

And at last, we found out that Ukrainian women are amazing and traditional costume makes them charming.

Ukrainian costumes

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