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‘The aggressor cannot broadcast about “humanitarian assistance” to the victims of his own aggression’, – D. Tymchuk

August 12, 2014

‘What kind of “humanitarian aid” from Russia could we possibly talk about?’, – Tymchuk

'The aggressor cannot broadcast about “humanitarian assistance” to the victims of his own aggression', - D. Tymchuk

Summary of the most important events for August 11 by head of Information resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk
1. Putin will not take one step back from his politics of permanent cynical provocations. Clinging to the idea of “humanitarian convoys” for Donbas, like a widow to a cucumber, he will not part with it anymore.

According to today’s announcement by the Kremlin, “the Russian side, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC], is sending its humanitarian convoy to Ukraine.”

There are very big doubts about the phrase “in collaboration with the ICRC”. Putin is once again lying without even blushing – it is still unclear how his own flock believes him, for any other sheep would have seen the light long time ago. And the position of the Red Cross is even more incomprehensible – the Kremlin keeps using it as a cover, like a young exhibitionist hides under his grandfather’s cloak who continues to sniff peacefully through his two holes.

Whereas both the UN Security Council and the EU, and in fact, the authorities in Kyiv, have demonstrated their position regarding “humanitarian convoys” from Russia – well, the aggressor cannot broadcast about “humanitarian assistance” to the victims of his own aggression. All in all, we are waiting for an official commentary from the ICRC.

2. About the aggressor…today, the NSDC [National Security and Defense Council] provided details about the shelling of not only the positions of the ATO forces, but also of Ukrainian settlements, carried out by Russian servicemen from the territory of the Russian Federation. (However, the Russian militants themselves gladly provide incriminating evidence against them on the Internet, bragging about the shellings and killings of peaceful civilians). Once again Russian soldiers are being captured on Donbass territory. On the border with Ukraine Putin gathered his 45,000-person armada ready to invade Ukraine at any moment.

Looking at all this, the question inevitably arises: what kind of “humanitarian aid” from Russia could we possibly talk about? The Kremlin might only need this “aid” for two purposes – to “legalize” the provision of assistance to terrorists, as well as to create a pretext for an open military invasion at any time, via his subversives or the same pro-Russian insurgents, by staging armed provocations against their own “humanitarian convoys.”

3. Today, the Russian media (by the way, the Ukrainian media followed immediately) began to escalate the panic, saying that shellings carried out by Ukrainian servicemen at the chemical plant of Concern Stirol in Horlivka threaten Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation with a catastrophe! Not even a cockroach will survive over 300 km in the vicinity! We are all going to die because of the ATO forces! The reason of this is a statement by the press secretary of Concern Stirol, who began having a seizure entirely on his own initiative (and where? On Youtube…).

Here, we must consider two things. Firstly, the terrorists in close cooperation with Russian media have long been trying to bring the issue of the use of “chemical weapons” by the Ukrainian army (remember Mariupol or Semenivka) to the masses. Now they have invented a new and – in their opinion – a more reliable type of “chemical threat” from the ATO forces.

Secondly, the Ostchem group that owns “Stirol”, stated that it has eliminated the danger of the chemical plant for residents of Horlivka and the region. For a simple reason: due to the fighting in the district, for safety reasons, the production of ammonia and urea has been discontinued, the ammonia storage facility has been fully emptied, and the company finished producing all of the ammonia. Therefore, even if a chemical surprise does appear in the ATO zone, it will be in the form of a “gift” from Putin to the terrorists.

Source: Head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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