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Textbooks approved by Russian Ministry of Education delivered to Luhansk

October 6, 2014

Shelling of Donetsk yesterday: 2 killed, 13 wounded

Textbooks approved by Russian Ministry of Education delivered to Luhansk


Spokesperson for Information and Analytic Center of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

Lysenko reported that the night in the city of Donetsk passed quietly. However, during the last day fighters continued to shell residential areas.

According to specified data, yesterday due to terrorist shelling of Donetsk 2 people died and 13 received injures of varying severity. Shells damaged dwelling houses and industry.

In the village of Pavlopil [Novoazovsk region, Donetsk oblast] 20 Kadyrov’s fighters stole head of village right from his house. In addition, terrorists made several artillery shots in direction of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in order to provoke them.

According to operative data, a batch of Russian textbooks approved by Ministry of Education of Russian Federation was delivered to Luhansk. Besides, terrorists try to introduce the subject ‘Russian law’ in universities with juridical specialization.

NSDC reminds that universities that do not work in the legal field of Ukraine will be deprived of license.

In Donetsk oblast 24 health care institutions have stopped working due to terrorist activity.

Andriy Lysenko has mentioned that cases of dissatisfaction of locals with the activity of terrorists become more frequent. In addition, a number of armed clashes between terrorist gangs and Russian militants is growing.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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