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Tetyana Chornovol: I will be acting exceptionally within legal framework to ensure effective anti-corruption management


«I will be acting exceptionally within legal framework to ensure anti-corruption management, as the public administration system remains non-transparent up till now», – it was the statement Anti-corruption policy Commissioner for the Cabinet of Ministers Tetyana Chornovol made during her media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Ms. Chornovol informed that a special public authority dealing with corrupt practices has not been created in Ukraine so far. There are two projected laws on the corresponding structure formation being debated at Verkhovna Rada, but discussions on who is this structure to report to, what should be the name for it and who should be in charge still continue. At the same time, European Commission representatives have previously stated that activity of an anti-corruption body would require maximum independence of the other central government authorities and should comply with international efficiency standards.

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