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Terrorists have violated ceasefire 24 time during this day

January 9, 2015

The situation in conflict zone is getting more complicated

Terrorists have violated ceasefire 24 time during this day

Press-service of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

Situation in the ATO zone is getting more complicated, in course of this day terrorists have violated the ceasefire 24 times.

Today illegal armed groups continue shelling positions of Ukrainian troops using different weapons including heavy equipment. In course of this day terrorists shelled positions of our forces with: grenade launchers (once), mortars (6 times), artillery systems (twice) and tank (once).

The press service underlines that shelling of Donetsk airport has not stopped for the whole day.

Illegal armed groups used small arms, grenade launchers, mortars and artillery to shell the new terminal of the airport. In addition the nearby village of Pesky was shelled three times.

The situation in Luhansk oblast is also getting worse. In the settlement of Stanytsya Luhanska terrorists have shelled residential areas.

Later there has been the two hour armed clash with Ukrainian forces. Having retreated terrorists used multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’.

In addition, ‘work’ of sniper has been registered in the nearby town of Shchastya.

Source:, press-center of anti-terrorist operation

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